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  • One in four children in Georgia, or 23%, live in food-insecure households. Georgia ranks fourth highest for food insecurity in the nation

  • The food insecurity rate in Muscogee County was 19.7% (23.4% among children) in 2017, according to Feeding America.

  • One out of five children is food insecure in our area.



More than half a million children in Georgia don’t have consistent access to enough nutritious food. This can have long-term effects on their health and future. Kids who are food insecure are more likely to be held back a grade in elementary school, more likely to be sick and hospitalized, and more likely to have growth and developmental issues.


By using agriculture to connect with at-risk youth we believe that the benefits of  this programs will increase the academic success of at-risk youth. Our youth will learn the process how to plant and  maintain their own personal plots as well as become financial literate on how to sale their very own crops.





Our Agricultural program is headed by Instructor Mr. Michael Yisrael who is the owner and operator of Yahweh Spirituel Seeds. Michael's passion for studying and engaging in agriculture and holistic health as well as teaching the community to be self sufficient dates back nearly over a decade. Michael has credits for developing plots at Rothschild leadership academy as well as Tuskegee University.  


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