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Building Better Bridges Inc. is a Non-Profit mentoring and after school program for "At Risk" male youth. Our mission is to "Create a Pathway to success" for our youth that will lead them to a productive & quality life.


Our program is unique as it focuses on 5 key components 

1. Behavior Modification/S.E.L 

2.Reading Comprehension & Math tutoring

3. Financial/Entrepreneurship Literacy 


5. Health/Wellness

This program was developed to serve multiple areas in the Columbus community  for our "At Risk"  youth. We must first acknowledge that there is an overwhelming need for counseling and therapeutic services for our youth. Another area of concern is the lack of positive male role models/mentors that are present in the home. 

  • Positive male mentorship through our Social emotional learning program (S.E.L) will target the need for the lack of positive influences within the community.

  •  Give additional tutoring in the areas of Reading Comprehension & Math to help support academic achievement.

  •  Teach a viable, self sustaining trade through our Agriculture program that will allow our youth to become health conscious of nutritious foods as well as understand the health benefits of consuming more organic produce.

  • Teach Financial/Entrepreneurship skills so that can become self reliant.


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