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B3 AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM for "At Risk" Youth:

1. Behavior Modification/S.E.L 

2.Reading Comprehension & Math tutoring

3. Financial/Entrepreneurship Literacy 


5. Health/Wellness



Core Principles:

1. Building

2. Restoring

3. Integrity 

4. Developing

5. Growth

6. Empowerment/Entrepreneurship

According to, over 62% of Black children in the state of Georgia are living without a present Father in the household. 

Through positive male mentorship, our mission is to create pathways to success by Building up the character of our  youth males between the ages of 12- 16 that are considered "At Risk" to become a statistic of gun violence, poverty and prison by Restoring and Developing Integrity through Growth and Empowerment and Entrepreneurship


Poverty for developing children and young adults in Columbus Ga. can have drastic impacts on graduation and college attendance rates.

  • Enrolled in Middle School(Grade 5-8) in Columbus, Georgia have a Poverty Rate of 34.0%.

  • Enrolled in High School (Grades 9-12) in Columbus, Georgia have a Poverty Rate of 26.0%.

Out of every 100,000 American youth, 336 are confined —currently, about 70,000 youth are locked up in facilities across the country

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